Essential Oil Extraction Systems

The production of essential oil is carried out by various methods: extortion / distillation in water / distillation in fumes (steam) \ extraction in organic solvents.

Most of the rescue systems we sell operate in a water refining method (“Clonger”).

The process of producing water refining essential oil is carried out in the following process:
Put the part of the plant in the tank that you want to distill with a quantity of water.
Boil using a heating plate.
The steam that also contains the etheric oil rises to the condenser and cools, where they turn into liquid and go down to the facility where the etheric oil is trapped, the etheric oil floating on the water (‘hydrocell’) thanks to its specific weight.
At the end of the process, the eerie oil is emptied into a bottle using a emptying faucet and storers.

The duration of the refining depends on the type of plant, and ends when you see that the oil stops filling up.