Pure saffron

g 1

Botanical name: Crocus sativus, pure Spanish saffron.

Net weight 1 grams.

Saffron is produced from the domesticated turmeric flower scar that blooms once a year in October and November.

Each flower has 3 scars harvested manually.

Producing 1 kg of saffron requires about 170,000 flowers, that’s why it’s the world’s most expensive spice.

Saffron (crocus) is a biblical plant that for thousands of years has been used for incense and medicine.

In the temple, saffron is one of the 11 signs of incense.

Maimonides recommended it as a cure for constipation.

In folk medicine, saffron was used to treat liver disease, colds, shortness of breath, and strengthening the male potency.

Saffron contains vitamin C, vitamin A, a very high amount of potassium, magnesium, phosphor and calcium.

Today saffron is mainly used for seasoning and for tea.


לרכישת מוצר טלפונית

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