Site Regulations

  1. The following website: “The Site” is a website on the Internet, which is a virtual store for the purchase of products and services by the internet surfers. The site owner and its operator is Avi Cohen, the following is “the site owner”.
  2. Action on the Site is any action taken on the Site, including the purchase of products and/or services offered on the Site (hereininever: “Action”) The provisions of these Regulations will apply to any action taken by the “User”, as defined below, on the Site.
  3. These regulations constitute a binding contract of communication between the user and the “site owner”, for all purposes. It is hereer than that browsing the Site and/or performing actions on the Site constitutes the user’s consent to receive and follow the provisions of the regulations. If you do not agree to the terms of these Terms of Use, you are requested not to make any use of the Site. And it should be emphasized, any action taken on the Site declares that it is aware of the provisions and receiving the site’s regulations, and that it will not be to him and/or anyone on his behalf any claim and/or claim against the site’s owners and/or operators and/or anyone on their behalf other than claims related to the violation of the site’s owner and/or operators’ obligations under these Regulations and Participation Rules.
  4. For the purposes of these regulations, “User” – any person, including a company, is entitled to use the Site, including performing actions through the Site, all subject to the fulfillment of the cumulative terms set forth below: the user is competent to perform binding legal actions; If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are not entitled to perform legal actions without the permission of a guardian, you are required to notify your parents and/or legal guardians (the “Parents”) of the provisions of these Regulations and obtain their approval to perform any activity, of any kind, within the Site. Parents have a responsibility to inform minors who wish to browse the site regarding the regulations and to monitor the activities of minors in order for minors to act in accord accordion with the terms of these regulations. Any activity performed by the minors on the site constitutes the consent of the minors and/or the parents to the conditions of the regulations. The user has a valid Israeli or international credit card. The user has an active e-mail box on the Internet.

General Conditions

  1. It is hereinerated that the “site owner” may, at his discretion, cease the activity of the Site at any time without prior notice.
  2. The “Site Owner” reserves the right to deny access to the Site and/or the possibility to make purchases on the Site and/or to cancel the participation of a user whose behavior is inappropriate or not in the terms of use, or that attempts to impair the proper management of the Site.
  3. These regulations can be modified and/or updated at any time by the “site owner” and/or anyone on his behalf, at their sole discretion.
  4. The provisions of these regulations relate equally to members of both sexes, and the use of male parlance is for convenience only.
  5. Chapter titles are provided for convenience and user orientation and will not be used in the interpretation of the regulations.

Services offered on site

The site offers a variety of content and/or services and/or actions and, including, the services listed below:

Browsing and browsing different content. Purchase of products and/or services. Sharing and sending items from the site from the user to his friends and acquaintances via email and/or sharing via social networks. Providing feedback and/or comments to items and/or content on the site that will be posted on the site and/or on the Facebook page of the “Site Owner”. It is hereer than clear that the “site owner” may choose, at his sole and sole discretion, whether to publish or prevent the publication of the feedback. Tag an item or be selected by the user through social networks. Mailing registration (receiving content, marketing and advertising information on different media of the user’s choice. It is hereby clarified that the “Site Owner” does not warrant that all such content and/or services will be provided and/or provided continuously and on the Site, and the “Site Owner” shall be entitled to modify (including expanding or reducing) the list of content and/or services provided on the Site, at its sole discretion and without giving any notice. It is hereinerated that the “Site Owner” may choose to disqualify and/or not upload to the Site and/or the “Site Owner” page on Facebook any comment and/or feedback and/or image and/or content (hereininever: “The Content”), which is at its sole and sole discretion, May harm the name of the “Site Owner” and/or public sentiment and/or are of a blatant or abusive nature in a sexual or other manner and/or may result in any infringement of property rights and/or contravene the provisions of any law and/or any other reason.

Purchase on the site

The site allows, among other things, the selection and purchase of items from among the items appearing on the site, in an easy, convenient and quick manner. To place an order, you must first select the item or service, color, and measurement you want. Each item or service offered on the site will display an “item page” that displays the details of the suggested item or service and the sales price (the “Item Page”). Please note that the “Site Owner” may update the item page from time to time, add or subtract details, remove out-of-stock products, add colors and/or measurements, and update and/or change the price of the item from time to time. It is hereineration that all information posted on the site about medical activity of any product is not a substitute for medical or professional advice and is not a recommendation, their purpose is to enrich knowledge only. Do not use the information on the Site to diagnose or treat medical cases. It is hereby clarified that the images on the site are illustrated only, there may be changes between the images, including the colors that appear in the images and the details of the items and between the actual items. These changes stem, in part, from the fact that the items are photographed and displayed on a computer screen. Prices shown on the site ́ ́ VAT by law, unless otherwise stated. In order to make a purchase on the site, the user will be asked to type in basic information such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number and credit card number. In order for the order to be made quickly and without incident, please make sure that the correct details are provided otherwise the “owner of the site” cannot guarantee the reservation (herein is the “Reservation”). Please note that knowingly giving false details may rise to a criminal offence. False individuals may take civil and criminal legal action, including tort claims for damages caused to the “site owner” due to the disruption of the site’s operation. In addition, the information provided by the user on the Site will be used, inter everything, to send e-mail regarding special offers or updates to the Site. At the time of booking, the “site owner” will check the credit card details and upon receipt of the booking confirmation by the credit card companies, the user will be given the appropriate notice that the reservation has been confirmed. It is hereer than expected that the charge of the perpetrator for the cost of the item or service purchased by him will be made by credit card as soon as the reservation is completed. The product and/or service purchased through the Site (we were, placed by the user ordering and this has been approved) will be called the following: “The Items”.

Terms for completing the purchase transaction:

The purchase transaction will only be executed after the booking process is completed and after the “site owner” receives approval from the credit card company or PayPal for making the charge, in accordance with the work practices that exist between them and the “site owner”. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit card companies or PayPal, the customer will receive appropriate notice. Completion of the purchase transaction is also conditional on the requested items being in stock when the ordering procedure is completed. In the event of an item that is out of stock and/or there is a problem supplying it, for any reason, the “site owner” may notify the user of the cancellation of the order. Such notice will be delivered to the user via e-mail and/or telephone message, according to the “Site Owner” choice. In such case, the user will have no claim against the “site owner” and in ordering the order, the user waives any such claim. The “site owner” reserves the right to limit the amount of items per order.

The invitation will be recorded on the “site owner” computers. It should be clarified and emphasized that sending an e-mail regarding the registration of the order on the computerized system of the “site owner” is not evidence of completion of the operation and does not send the email to charge the “site owner.” It is hereer than clear that the computer system records of the “site owner” which include computerized and automated registration of all the actions on the site constitute alleged evidence of what is said in them.

Product Delivery

The user may choose to supply the items ordered directly to his home and/or other destination of his choice or alternatively, to choose self-collection if possible.

User’s Home Supplies

The “Site Owner” will provide the user with the items through an independent shipping company (the “Shipping Company”). The delivery of the items by the shipping company will be made within a few days after booking on the site (up to 14-28 business days). The “site owner” is not responsible for any act and/or omission of the shipping company, including being late in carrying out the supplies. Items will not be delivered on Fridays/Saturdays/holiday eves. The “site owner” is not obligated to provide the items to areas restricted to security access. The delivery of items to the user’s home incurs a postage as detailed on the site [hereinin: “postage”] and in the distribution areas as determined and decided by the “site owner”. Shipping fees will be charged for delivering to one destination, whether one or more items have been ordered. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

The delivery times listed above will be funded as of the date the reservation was confirmed by the credit card company. It is hereby clarified that the delivery times listed above are estimated times. There may be changes in delivery times due to delays depending on the ́ and are independent of the “site owner.” The user acknowledges that he is known that the items can and will be delivered within a shorter or longer time than estimated time and also confirms that he or she is known that the “site owner” will not be responsible for being late in delivering the items in the following cases:

Due to “force majeure” and without prejudice to said generality, war, hostilities, emergencies and natural damage. Strike and/or downtime with the suppliers of goods necessary for manufacturing and/or transporting the products. Any other reason that is not under the control of the “site owner.” In areas restricted to security access, the “site owner” will be entitled to provide the items to the user in a nearby and acceptable location, in prior coordination with the user. It is clarified that the “site owner” does not commit to delivery time when the items are out of stock. If certain items are missing from the inventory, the “site owner” will notify the user who may cancel the order.

It is hereinerated that the delivery of the items (in self-collection or to the user’s home) can and will be conditioned upon presentation of the user’s ID card as well as the presentation of the order confirmation number as obtained from the reservation system for the execution of the transaction, at the sole and complete discretion of the “site owner.” It is agreed that the “site owner” and/or anyone on his behalf may require any additional means of identification, at his discretion, as a condition of handing the items over to the user.

Cancellation of the purchase transaction by the user

The user may cancel the transaction made on the Site in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 –1981 (hereinever: “Consumer Protection Law”) or alternatively, exchange the product against an equivalent alternative product or monetary credit, all as detailed below: cancellation of the transaction within an hour of completing the order of the items on the site and before the shipment of the item – will be done by email circumstances, the user shall be entitled to receive the full refund of the payment (including for the shipping fee, to the esto of the fee charged). Digital products shipped to the customer (site template, training video, logo, etc.) will not be cancelable.

Cancellation of the transaction after the user receives the item, not due to product defect and/or discrepancy – the user may cancel the purchase transaction within 14 days of receipt of the item provided that the product is healthy and not used and as long as it is not a non-returnable digital product. Cancellation of the transaction will be done by disabling the item provided the item is healthy and not used. It is hereineration that in the event of cancellation of a transaction not due to defect and/or discrepancy, the user will not be entitled to a refund for the shipping fee paid by him (to the fullest of their payments). Cancellation of the transaction as a result of defect and/or discrepancy between the product and its details as shown on the site – the user must inspect the item immediately upon receipt. If the item was received by the user, it is defective, or when the actual specification of the item differs from the specifications presented on the site, that the user is then entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days of receiving the item by returning the product to the “site owner”. For any questions related to inquiries, replacements, returns, etc. ́ please contact the Customer Service Department of the “Site Owner” by e-mail in any event, returning the product, replacing it with another product or receiving a monetary credit will be subject to the following conditions:

against returning the product to the “site owner” along with an invoice, provided that the item is not used and the item labels are not removed. A refund in case of cancellation of a transaction will be made by credit of the credit card in which the transaction was made within 14 days of receiving the request to cancel the transaction and the item returned. Replacement of the item in another product or return against receipt of a monetary credit will be done in coordination with the “Site Owner”, in accordance with the general exchange policy used on the “Site Owner” network, as updated from time to time, within 14 days of the user receiving the product and provided that the product is not used.

Warranty, Security and Privacy

The “site owner” and/or anyone on his behalf takes common precautions to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information. The user’s personal information (name, e-mail, etc.) will be stored in the database of the “site owner” . The “” site is a secure site, meaning that the data entered into the system by customers at the time of registration and/or browsing and/or purchase will remain confidential and secure. and will be highlighted; The credit card information of the users performing operations on the site is not saved at all on the “site owner” systems because the “site owner” is assisted by an external company to clear the credit cards. It is hereby clarified that since it is performing operations in an online environment, the “site owner” cannot guarantee absolute immunity from intrusions into its computers or disclosure of the information stored by perpetrators of illegal activities and therefore, if a third party may infiltrate or misuse information stored by the “site owner,” the user will have no claim, claim or demand against the “site owner.” Also, in cases arising from force majeure, the “Site Owner” will not be liable for any damages of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the user or anyone on his behalf, if any information provided is lost or reached by a hostile party and/or used without permission. The “Site Owner” undertakes that the user information listed on the Site will not be used except for the purposes of operating the site only and in order to enable the purchase to be made on the Site, and also, for the purpose of maintaining contact with the user. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the “Site Owner” may transfer a user’s personal information to a third party in cases in which the user has committed an act or omission that harms and/or may harm the “Site Owner” and/or any third parties, the User has used the Site Owner’s Services to perform an illegal act, if a judicial order has been obtained by the “Site Owner” instructing her to provide the User’s information to a third party as well as in any dispute or legal process. In addition, the “site owner” will be able to use the user’s personal information, without identifying the specific user, to analyze statistical information and present it and/or provide it to other parties.

Cancellation of the purchase transaction by the “site owner”

The “Site Owner” reserves the right to terminate at any time, at its sole discretion, the activity on the Site and/or cancel a purchase transaction made by a user, including, but not only, in any of the cases listed below: if after the termination of the purchase transaction it was discovered that the item was out of stock. If the credit card information and full details of the user are not received in the system. In any event that action was taken contrary to these regulations. The user committed an illegal act and/or violated the provisions of the law; The user provided incorrect details at the time of the purchase transaction and/or subsequently incorrect details; The User has committed an act or omission in order to harm the “Site Owner” and/or anyone on his behalf and/or the proper activities of the Site and/or ́ other party; If the company is in opinion, the user intends to res sell the items purchased by him through the site alongside ́. In this context, the user acknowledges and warrants that he will not sell items he purchased on the Site ́ any company. The user did not come to the store to collect the items ordered by him within 10 business days. In any case where, due to “force majeure,” the “site owner” cannot properly manage the site, provide the user with the products and/or meet its other obligations. This section means “force majeure” means: including computer malfunctions, telephone system malfunctions or other communications system malfunctions, sabotage of any and security incidents. In such circumstances, the “site owner” may cancel the transaction or offer the user an equivalent alternative item, at his discretion and in accordance with the circumstances of the cancellation. Such sale has been cancelled “the site owner” will not be liable and will not be liable, in any event, for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or to a third party including but not only damage to the purchase of the product and/or service with a third party at a higher price.

Customer Service

For details and inquiries regarding the products and/or their supply, please contact the customer service department of the “Site Owner” by or on the phones appearing on the Site.

Law and Judgment

The law that applies to these regulations and/or any action and/or conflict arising from it is israeli law only. In any case of dispute, the exclusive power to discuss any dispute arising, directly or indirectly, from the provisions of these Regulations and/or the use and/or acquisitions of the Site – will be to the courts (the peace or the district) of Jerusalem and not to any other court or judicial court.